If you ask someone back home where Uruguay is, I am 100% certain that they won’t know. It is a country nestled in the southern part of South America, surrounded by Argentina and Brazil, and facing the Atlantic Ocean. Since I plan to cram as many countries as I can on my RTW trip, then a trip here is inevitable, since I am already in Brazil (at the time of this writing) and I can just cross it by land.

The only problem is, as a Filipino, I will need a visa to visit. But luckily, there is an Uruguay consulate in Sao Paulo where I am currently staying (as of this writing) so I decided to lodge my application there. It was straightforward, and I will recount how my Uruguay visa application went through, and also the requirements I submitted in this blog post.


First of all, the address and contact details of the Uruguay Consulate in Sao Paulo is:


R. Estados Unidos, 1284 – Jardim America, São Paulo – SP, 01427-001

Tel: +55 11 2879 6600


Consulate of Uruguay in Sao Paulo

Before arriving in Sao Paulo, I sent an email to the consulate regarding the requirements, and they told me that they will need the following documents:

  • Filled out application form (provided at the consulate)
  • 3 x 4 photo with white background
  • Hotel Reservation (I reserved mine on
  • Photocopy of the bio page of your passport
  • Photocopy of passport page with entry stamp to Brazil

You can also ask them right then to schedule you for an interview. I didn’t do this so I had to visit the consulate twice – first to schedule an interview, then for the interview. From what I know, the consul is only available every Tuesday and Thursday, so if you arrived on a different day, then you will be out of luck.


I went to the Consulate of Uruguay 30 minutes earlier on the day of the interview itself. I chose to speak in Spanish instead of Portuguese inside since I am more comfortable with it, and so that I can express myself better. She explained what I needed to submit (the documents mentioned above), and she also gave me the application form to fill up.

While I was writing on the form, she asked if I am a resident of Brazil, I said no, so she asked me if I can provide a copy of my bank statement or any financial documents. Luckily, I have a printed copy of my credit card statement, which she accepted. She then told me to wait while she processes the application. After around 15 minutes, she told me to hand over all the documents. She also asked if I have any active visas or any flight tickets to Montevideo. I explained that I will be traveling there by land from Argentina and that I have an active US tourist visa. She then told me to wait as she will confirm my case with the consul.


They called me again, this time to scan my US visa and for picture taking. After that, they asked me to proceed to the office of the general consul for an interview. I was nervous at first; it was the general consul after all! But I became calm after entering the room. The consul, Sir Gustavo Dibarboure was very nice and the tension I felt before entering the room lessened and finally disappeared after talking to him.

He asked me about my plans in Uruguay, including my previous work and also how I am sustaining my travels. I answered him truthfully; there is nothing to hide anyways. I told him everything, that I also plan to travel from Uruguay all the way to Colombia by land. He seemed impressed and mentioned that I am almost certain that I will receive the visa. He just told me to send him my bank statement and Certificate of Employment as extra requirements. All was set and all I had to do was wait for the approval.

E-mail from the consulate

After a week, I received an e-mail stating that they already approved the visa, and I need to go to the consulate for the visa. After arriving at the consulate on the designated day, they also asked for my travel tickets to Uruguay. However, I don’t have any, but I explained that I will cross by ferry from Buenos Aires, and I will go to Buenos Aires from Foz de Iguaçu. To prove it, I gave them my recently approved Argentina E-visa…and with that they accepted my explanation!

They then took another photo and told me to pay at Banco Bradesco which is just across the road. After paying, I went back and I received my visa! I am so excited to go back to a Spanish speaking country. Uruguay here I go!


  • They asked for additional requirements from me since I am not residing in Brazil. The additional requirements are active visas of other countries, bank certificate, certificate of employment and PayPal transactions (since I work online and paid via this method).
  • You can apply at the Uruguayan consulate of a certain city, and get the visa on a different Uruguayan consulate in a different city (ie I applied at the consulate in Sao Paulo, but I can also get it at the consulate in Rio de Janeiro).
  • The visa cost is R$180 and payable only in cash.
  • Processing takes at least 30 – 40 days according to them. Once approved, they will either call you or send you an e-mail. You will then schedule your pick-up date.

Do you also need a visa to Uruguay? Then I hope that this blog post can help you with your application. If you have any questions, drop a message in the comment section below.

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