It has been a year now since I left the Philippines to travel around the world. I left my sheltered life and high paying job back home to fulfill my life goal of traveling to as many countries as I can before I die. Long-term travel as a Filipino is not easy. It is not ingrained in our culture, and aside from that, we need a visa to visit most countries, making it challenging to visit countries outside Southeast Asia. Hard as it may seem, I am willing to break boundaries to attain my travel dreams.

If you had asked me years ago if I would have had the guts to do this, I would have said no. So what changed? Let me narrate my story.


It all started when I was still working at my first call center job. I had some officemates who were frequent travelers, who always used their vacation leaves to travel around Asia. I admired them so much and I secretly dreamed to be like them someday. The opportunity to travel came when I saw a discounted fare to Cambodia and Thailand last 2013. No one wanted to join me then, but I didn’t care. I booked it and traveled solo for the first time. And from then on I got addicted! I then started traveling to other Asian countries where I don’t need a visa.

My first solo trip to Cambodia and Thailand
My first solo trip to Cambodia and Thailand

My passport credential got stronger after receiving my first Schengen Visa when I enrolled for a Spanish summer course in Toledo, Spain. And because of this experience, I was hired as a Spanish speaking Accounts Receivable Collector and subsequently sent to Poland for a month to train. Other visa applications became easier after receiving these Schengen visas, and from 2013 to 2016, I traveled to 17 countries in Asia and Europe.

Curso de Verano in Toledo, Spain
Curso de Verano in Toledo, Spain


The time when I was sent to Poland for account transition with my manager and colleagues, now forever friends.

I was ok then to just travel whenever I had available vacation leaves and client holidays, only touring countries for a week maximum, most of the time for less. That all changed when I traveled to Europe for the 3rd time and met my Mexican friend Jorge. We met in the Czech Republic, and during that time, he was traveling Europe on an extended vacation. I was so impressed because he can be in any place he wanted to be, while I needed to arrange everything two months before I even arrived. We toured the Czech Republic and Hungary together and parted ways in Slovakia.

My travel buddy Jorge. We traveled to the Czech Republic and Hungary together and met again in Mexico after 3 years
My travel buddy Jorge. We traveled to the Czech Republic and Hungary together and met again in Mexico after 3 years.

After that fateful meeting, something stirred up inside me. I began to yearn to travel unrestricted and visit faraway countries, so I started researching about long term travel. I specifically read blogs of Filipinos who did it before such as PSIMONMYWAY and TWOTRAVELMONKEYS and I realized that to travel long-term as a Filipino is doable even if I am holding a Philippine Passport. My resolve got higher and finally, I decided to do it.


The fateful trip to Central Europe
The fateful trip to Central Europe

I started saving hard, wherein I stopped partying and eating out every weekend, and I restricted myself from buying new clothes and videogames. I also researched all the possible routes that I will do. Latin America was at the top of my list, but I also planned to include Europe and Africa, because why not? As they say – “Go big or go home”.

I kept this plan a secret for almost 1 ½ years even from my family, and I only told them after I had sufficient savings. I did not expect that they will be very supportive of my decision. They told me that I have my own life and they will not stop me in reaching my dreams.

Australia was the last country I visited when I was still working in the office
Australia was the last country I visited when I was still working in the office

About work, I only informed my managers 4 months prior to my trip. I know that during that time, they felt devastated, but that’s life. I promised them that I will still perform well, and make sure that my task will be transitioned properly to whoever will replace me.

2 months before my trip, I started applying for visas – 6 visas to be exact (the USA, French Schengen, UK, Russia, Egypt, and India). I managed to acquire everything just at the nick of time, thank God!


The day I left the Philippines
The day I left the Philippines

I left the Philippines on October 18, 2018, and since then, I visited 39 more countries across 5 continents, and I am now on my 62nd in Brazil. I also started working online in order to sustain my travels. My goal now is to travel slow and look for a place to settle down. I am also mastering my Spanish and Portugues, both essential languages to survive in this part of the world.


Just do it!
Just do it!

So, would I recommend long-term travel to other Filipinos? Yes of course! It is a life-changing experience, and I grew a lot as a person because of it, plus I learned to be more independent and street smart. However, you need to make sure it is something you really want because it is not for everyone.

And also, don’t do it if you don’t have enough savings or any back-up plans to sustain your travels with dignity. Besides, if you have responsibilities back home then delay your plans until you settle everything. Don’t even ask your parents to fund your trip, nothing annoys me more than when someone comments “Ah maybe you are a rich kid, that’s why you can travel!”  If they only knew the sacrifices I made to make this possible.

And finally, please don’t even think of staying illegally in another country. You will not want to live somewhere as a 2nd class citizen right?

If in the end you still plan to do it, don’t worry! Traveling long-term as a Filipino is possible. Just remember, if I can do it, why can’t you?


  • A well plan journey and hardworks payoff very well. Continue to pursue your dreams and always keep safe. I think you are the only Pinoy who did and doin it till now to have travelled 62 countries and more to come. God Bless You.

  • You always have the Best smiles in your pics 🙂 simply because you love what you’re doing 🙂 full support, be safe always

  • Nakaka-proud ka bilang isang Pinoy! Continue pursuing your dreams & goals. Few have your guts to do it! Enjoy & safe travels. PM/DM ka lang or e-mail if sometimes u feel alone & want someone to talk to. I would love to hear more of ur travel adventures & also d mishaps!😜😂🤣😅

    • Hello sir! Thanks for the kind words! This blog was just recently made so madami pa akong idadagdag na contents in the future.

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