I only have one reason in mind in visiting Brasilia, and that was to renew my Philippine Passport. Mine will expire in August 2020 and I don’t want to go home yet just to renew it.


There are only four Philippine Embassies in Latin America – Mexico, Brazil, Chile, and Argentina. Philippine passport renewal in Brazil is the easiest to do because it is visa-free for Filipinos, making it the best option for me..

The Philippine Embassy in Brazil also holds the jurisdiction of Colombia, Suriname, Guyana, and Venezuela, so if you are a Filipino living in these countries and you need any consular help, you either need to wait for a Consular Outreach Mission or go to Brasilia to do it.


As I mentioned on my border crossing story in the Amazons, I arrived in Brasilia after an almost 24-hour plane trip from Tabatinga. I dedicated my first day resting and researching the route to take to the embassy. Philippine passport renewal in Brazil is easy. My Brazilian friend from Iguatu, Ceara already called the embassy before I arrived and they informed her that I only need to bring my passport for the renewal.

Embaixada das Filipinas na Brasilia, Brasil
Embaixada das Filipinas na Brasilia, Brasil

The address and contact details of the Embassy of the Philippines in Brasilia are:

Address: SEN 801 – Asa Norte, Brasilia
DF CEP: 70800-910-Brazil
Tel: (+55-61) 3224-8694, 3223-5143
Fax: (+55-61) 8230-2397
Hotline No: (+55-61) 9 9389-3042


The bus system in Brasilia is confusing, but good thing Google maps plotted the bus route for me, so I did not have any problem. The hostel where I reserved my stay is located far from the embassy, and the bus schedule was also erratic, so I waited for almost 30mins before the correct one arrived. It is also possible to take Uber to the embassy, but meh! I wanted to see the city too, and I was not in a rush anyways.

The Embassy of the Philippines
The Embassy of the Philippines

The travel time took 30mins, and I alighted near the Catedral Metropolitana and walked 15 mins more to the embassy. The building looks modest and neat, and it was surrounded by other embassies as well. I declared my purpose to the guard and he let me in. I was anxious that I would not be able to communicate what I need because my Portugues is not yet that good, but luckily, there were Filipina staffs so I was relieved. I missed speaking Tagalog so much so I chatted with the Filipina staff, Ms. Tessa about a lot of things (she even told me where to buy patis and bagoong in the city! OMG!).


She also informed me that releasing the passport will take between 4 to 8 weeks, and there is an option to ship it to whichever address in Brazil via courier. Now I really don’t trust Brazilian couriers because it took almost a year before my friend in Iguatu, Ceara received the package I sent from the Philippines, and to this day I have not yet received the package she sent me!

Catedral Metropolitana
Catedral Metropolitana

I decided to just pick it up at the embassy itself. So once that was decided, I paid the passport renewal fee of 237 reais. You can also pay using dollars – $60 to be exact, but you will save $3 if you pay with reais based on my calculation. Ms. Tessa then asked me to enter a room and she got my biometrics. By the way, passports issued after January 2018 will have 10 years of validity (Thank you, Mr. President!). She informed me that someone will message me in Whatsapp when everything is ready.

After leaving the embassy, I took the opportunity to tour the city, and also visit the Asian store that she mentioned to buy some Asian ingredients. Since passport release will take at least a month, I decided to visit my Brazilian friend in Iguatu, Ceara and wait there.


After arriving in Iguatu after a 2 days bus ride, and staying there for 3 weeks, someone from the embassy called me and informed me my new passport is ready. FINALLY!

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